Foulon: holiday cottage in the Dordogne /Lot, France Foulon: holiday cottage in the Dordogne /Lot, France Foulon: holiday cottage in the Dordogne /Lot, France

Foulon's surroundings

Foulon is a traditional Dordogne-style cottage - originally a farmhouse - dating from about 1870. The cottage is set on the crest of a hill amidst open countryside in peaceful surroundings. A 360° panoramic view of the cottage and its surroundings can be seen here.

Foulon's terrace faces west and the sunsets can be magnificent - the picture at the top of the page is a fine example that we watched while enjoying a glass of wine after our dinner one night. A little later in the evening, those interested in star gazing will enjoy the dark night sky around Foulon. There's very little light pollution and on a clear summer night the number of stars, shooting stars and satellites visible overhead can be quite astonishing. Take your binoculars!

View over Foulon - the farm buildings are in the centre

There is plenty of open space around the cottage for parking cars, playing games or just lazing about. The lane which leads to Foulon serves only one further house, so there is very little traffic. Clean, well-behaved pets are welcome at no extra charge (whether dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc!) We can provide details of a local vet who will provide certification for re-entry into the UK or other EU countries at the end of your holiday, under the Pet Passport scheme.

There are many interesting walks along country lanes in the steep-sided wooded valleys around the cottage. The spring in the valley below the house runs (eventually) into the Dordogne river. The stream is called "Le Foulon" because it was used for fulling the flax which used to be grown locally. The land on which the stream rises used to belong to the farm of Foulon.


View from the living room window

In early summer, in particular, wild flowers of many varieties abound in the area, which attract a variety of butterflies. A number of wild orchids which are now rare in Britain - Bee Orchids, Fly Orchids and Spider Orchids amongst them - grow freely here. Nearly sixty different wild birds have been sighted and you can often see deer, rabbits and the occasional hare. The building opposite Foulon is a former baking oven, which houses a thriving colony of bats. You might also be lucky enough to see red squirrels, wild boar, a marten or even a genet.

Woodcock Orchid

The village of Vaillac is about 3km away. It has a handsome church, but no facilities. However, it boasts a magnificent chateau which towers above it on the hillside. Sadly, the chateau is normally only open to the public for one or two days a year - during the Journées de Patrimoine, which fall in September each year - check the link for the dates if you're going to be in the area then, then look out for the local posters for arrangements.

The Chateau of Vaillac

The nearby small town of Labastide Murat, 2.5 kilometres away by footpath but 7km by road, provides local shopping facilities (a very good supermarket, excellent bakery, bank, butcher, pharmacy, garage etc.) plus a market on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. On Sunday mornings in July and August a smaller farmers' market is held in the main square. In high season a swimming pool (with separate adults' and children's pools) and tennis courts are available, while there is a lake for fishing near by (visit the tourist office for details). It takes about forty minutes to walk to Labastide Murat - a nice morning walk to fetch the bread. Fortunately, the steep hill is on the way there - coming back is mostly downhill - and you can always fortify yourself at one of the bars before returning!


Monday market in Labastide Murat

Foulon is located in the tiny hamlet of Bénivès, which in the old Langue d'Oc tongue means "blessed place". We agree with that - and so do most of our visitors!

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